Stop Payment

Stopping a check payment can seem like such a hassle, but we have made it a little easier by allowing you to start the process from your home! Misplaced a good check? Or maybe fell victim to a scam and need to stop that check from being cashed? At Black River Country Bank we want to help you keep your money safe. Getting your check payment stopped can be completed in a few simple, but very important steps. 

Step 1. The most important thing about Stop Payment Requests is that you need to be QUICK. If the check has already cleared, we are not able to stop it. So, as soon as you know that you want the check to be stopped, let us know. 

Step 2. Open by clicking on this Stop Payment PDF Form and choose if you want to either print out the form and complete it by hand or if you want to complete it electronically right from your computer. But, be sure NOT to sign the form until you bring it to us at the bank. We want to be able to verify that it is YOU signing it.
Step 3. Complete the form as accurately as possible, otherwise we might not be able to locate the check. We will also need to know the exact dollar amount, right down to the penny. 

Step 4. Unlike some of our other forms that have a variety of different ways to submit to us, the Stop Payment Request NEEDS to be brought in by YOU, to Black River Country Bank. It may seem like a hassle, but it is to protect you and ensure that nobody else can submit a Stop Payment on your account without you knowing. You can bring the form to either location:

Black River Falls Office
221 Main Street 
Black River Falls, WI 54615

Melrose Office
401 N. Washington Street 
Melrose, WI 54642

Step 5. When you bring in your form, we will ask you to sign it here, to verify your identity. We will then look to see if the check has cleared and inform you of the next steps.