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Who We Are ... #wearebrcb

We are a Mission Driven organization who seeks to positively impact the People of our Community in a meaningful (read AWESOME!) way each and every day. Our aspirations to provide a rich customer experience are deeply rooted in our own employees' satisfaction with their jobs and working environment. We operate under a team-based approach, very much like a family, and strive to live our BRCB Values -- Modeling Integrity, Inclusiveness Always, Safety & Soundness, Tradition & Progression, and Community Commitment -- each day.

We hope that our employees, our People, find their work and career path with BRCB rewarding and fulfilling. Our tagline WE WANT WHAT YOU WANT is as truly applied to our customers as it is for ourselves when it comes to helping us all achieve our personal, professional, and financial dreams and goals!

Black River Country Bank is an Equal Opportunity Employer, Member FDIC, and Equal Housing Lender.




We are in the business of developing authentic relationships that nurture personal, professional, and financial goals and dreams each day. We aspire to succeed by providing a rich customer experience that demonstrates our sound financial principles, while celebrating our deep roots, integrity, family spirit, progressiveness, and community commitment across all aspects of our organization. Our vision is to live our values towards the long-term sustainability and growth of both our community and our treasured family business, for years to come.


Modeling Integrity ~ Inclusiveness Always ~ Safety & Soundness ~ Tradition & Progression ~ Community Commitment


Inquiries, completed applications & resumes should be brought to the attention of:

Tracy Madvig, Organizational & Business Development Officer

Black River Country Bank

221 Main Street

Black River Falls, WI 54615